The first cryptocurrency to use Scrypt-OG

Once upon a time long long ago, the cryptocurrency community was divided by a great GPU vs CPU civil war. CPU miners were mad they could no longer get many bitcoins with their intel celerons and the migration to scrypt started. The original implementation of scrypt was a short term fix that only kept GPUs down for a few months. Fast forward to today, GPU miners aren’t as rare as they once were and there is a new enemy in town. The EVIL ASIC!

Not ready to throw away your GPU investment?! MINE AIDEN! Convert BTC to ETH.

Aiden uses an optimized version of scrypt that is 8x less memory intensive than traditional scrypt. GPU miners will get more out of their hardware AND mine a coin that is currently asic resistant. Remember, nothing is ASIC intolerant, but the cost to develop an asic for Scrypt-OG is currently a deterrent. Summer is coming. Are you ready for the power bill? if you want to keep mining/profiting switch to this more efficient coin.